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I have used Sandhills Home Watch to look after my Pinehurst home for four years, and I could not be happier with the service!  Tricia Williamson is 100% reliable, absolutely trustworthy, and meticulous in her attention to my home.  Her attention to detail makes me feel that she cares for my home as if it were her own.  Tricia provides practical service and peace of mind at a reasonable cost.

Dale Perdue
Columbus, Ohio


Owning a home in another state can be a stressful proposition.  The Williamson’s took the stress away!  From the first time I met Tricia I felt comfortable with her.  I quickly realized she truly understood my concerns and would be diligent in monitoring my property.  From being available to manage deliveries, maintenance and cleaning services at my home to ensuring my heating and air conditioning in adjusted as the season dictates, she is indispensable to me.  As a partner in a CPA firm, I know that the key to a successful business is “Service.”  Service is exactly what the Williamson’s provide.

Thank You,



Briefly, Tricia is wonderful, worth every dollar we spend for her services and then some.

Six years ago, we were relocated to California.  We made a decision to keep our house in Pinehurst and look forward to spending our retirement there…but not for about eight more years!  We do not lease out our property, so it sits vacant for months.  Frankly, Tricia has been a Godsend.  She has been checking on our house monthly and when storms come through town.  She adjusts our heating and a/c seasonally (and when freakish weather requires an adjustment) and she alerts me immediately and meets repair persons when she finds something is not operating properly.

Recently had a compressor fail and we would not have know had Tricia not been on top of things.  When she alerted me that the compressor was making a funny sound so she turned off the system,  I called my service provider.  They checked the system and gave me their estimate to replace the compressor which I accepted.  I was told the work to replace the compressor would be completed two days after I accepted the estimate.  Although I had not asked her to, Tricia stopped by that week to see if if the work had been done …it had not.  I was able to follow up with the service provider who was a bit surprised that I knew the work was not completed, although I had received my bill.  The work was done the next day.

We hired Tricia after I decided to spend a few weeks back east in 2010…I spent the summer handling one disaster after another.  The house had been hit by lightning…we are not certain when.  The lightning ran through the electrical system. All of the electrical systems and most of the appliances were impacted.  It was a mess.   The lawn maintenance service I thought had been coming monthly (and I had been paying) was not.   The sprinkler system’s timer was fried so the sprinklers had not been running.  The cleaning service that was supposed to be cleaning every other month was not.   It was a mess.  When we turned the sprinklers back on there was a leak.  It just went on and on.

I can not say enough good things about Tricia.  She has provided peace of mind for the North Carolina property.  She is reliable, she is practical and she is not just running through the house and charging you,  she is actually managing your property while you are not there.



Hello Tricia,

I feel really good about leaving town after our get together today – my home will be in good care while Sean and I are across the pond!

Cheers!  Karol